Reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas, and scorpions are all shipped via overnight delivery to your doorstep for a flat $49.99 regardless of how many animals are on your order. For example, if you order one turtle the shipping cost is $49.99, and if you order 100 turtles the shipping cost is still just $49.99. The quantity, weight, and species of animal is irrelevant.

We ship our animals worldwide, 12 months out of the year with UPS or any available shipping companies Next Day Air.

We pack our animals in insulated boxes with cold or heat packs to keep them at safe temperatures during transit. All our animals ship out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday for delivery the following day. The ANIMALS leave our hands around 3 PM on the day of shipment, and arrive to you the following morning, typically before 12 noon, for about a 16 hour trip in total. Our packing techniques and materials enable us to keep the animals warm when shipping into some very cold locations. We generally only ship into areas that are at least 20 degrees or higher the night before they are arriving. We are able to maintain our animals warm enough in their packaging that these temperatures aren’t a problem. If you are colder than that, we will generally coordinate with you and watch the weather for a “warm spell” and ship the animals within that window. We are very experienced shippers, shipping thousands of live animals to date and have been shipping reptiles almost daily since 2001. Shipping concerns should not be a reason you don’t buy from us.

If you have a specific request for a shipping or arrival date, be sure that request is made at the time of ordering (in the customer comments box during checkout). Having it in the invoice itself helps us not miss the request. We can’t be 100% accurate when requests are made in an email or phone message.

We can arrange delivery on Saturdays. Email us for more info and pricing on this (there are additional costs).

We do not give shipping refunds for late overnight shipments. Our third party shipping company does not guarantee refunds to us (in exchange for much better shipping rates).

Upon receipt of your animal, you need to be home to put the animal into suitable conditions as soon as possible. Usually a shallow, warm water soaking will help wake them up a bit from the trip. It’s not uncommon for tortoises to be a bit shy and not eat the first few days or week, and the sooner it is situated in a proper environment, the sooner things will be getting to normal.

See our Terms and Conditions page for further information and our guarantee details.

Inventory Management

We work hard to keep our website fully updated with current reptile, amphibian, and invertebrate stock levels. However, there are times when we receive multiple orders for the same animal, or our website just does not get updated quickly enough. In either case, we will notify you if we are unable to fulfill your order.

Special Notes

We cannot deliver to P.O. boxes.

Shipment delays do occur infrequently, and you will be notified if this does take place, generally due to inclement weather.

There are no deliveries on major U.S. holidays such as New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Wildlife Laws

Each country has seemingly innumerable wildlife laws, and we do our due diligence in striving to adhere to each and every one. We will never knowingly ship reptiles, amphibians, or invertebrates in violation of any federal, state, or local law. Do your research before placing an order, and do not ask us to make an exception.

Cancellation Policy

Orders can be easily canceled prior to shipment. However, if  the package ships, the order cannot be canceled and no refund will be made. We will do all we can to work with you in these situations but there is a 10% restocking fee on all canceled orders.