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African Pancake Tortoise

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African pancake tortoise — also known as the crevice tortoise, softshell tortoise and Tonier’s tortoise — has a thin, flat

Albino Sulcata tortoise

$1,800.00$2,450.00  /  0.02668 Ƀ
Albino African Sulcata Tortoise for sale (Albino Spur thighed tortoise for sale) We have some fantastic captive bred albino Spur thigh

Aldabra tortoise

$2,700.00$3,900.00  /  0.04002 Ƀ
Aldabra tortoise can reach sizes of up to 550 pounds and ages of up to 150 years old. They are

Burmese Star Tortoise

$900.00$9,500.00  /  0.01334 Ƀ
Burmese Star tortoise for sale – We have some beautiful captive bred Burmese star tortoises for sale.  Our Burmese star

Caramel leopard tortoise

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Caramel leopard tortoise– We have some fantastic captive bred caramel colored leopard tortoise for sale.  The caramel colored pardalis Babcocki

Cherry Head Tortoise

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Cherry Head Tortoise- We have some fantastic captive bred super colorful cherry head red foot tortoise for sale.  The Cherry

Egyptian tortoise

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Egyptian tortoise are native to the desert that fringes the southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. They were once found

Elongated Tortoise

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Elongated Tortoise- We have SOME super cute CAPTIVE BRED elongated tortoises for sale (also known as Indotestudo elongata). These little elongated

Giant South African Leopard tortoise

$340.00$5,740.00  /  0.00504 Ƀ
Giant South African Leopard tortoise, we have some fantastic captive bred Giant South African Leopard tortoise for sale.  The Pardalis

Giant South African leopard tortoise hybrid

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Giant South African leopard tortoise hybrid, Very unique and amazing south African leopard tortoise hybrids are 75% Giant South African

Golden Greek tortoise

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Golden Greek tortoise is not a proper species name. Any yellowish colored Greek tortoise (Testudo graeca) can be called a golden

Greek Tortoise

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Greek Tortoise, We have some beautiful 10-12 month old well started yearling greek tortoises in stock.  These well started yearling