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Asian Giant Wood Turtles

$920.00  /  0.02099 Ƀ
Asian Giant Wood Turtles (Heosemys grandis) CB 2010 Males. Range in size from 12” – 14”. Wonderful opportunity to get

Kimberley Long Neck Turtle

$1,750.00  /  0.03993 Ƀ
Kimberley Long Neck Turtle  also called a Bearded Snake Neck Turtle. Be the only one on your block with these

Grand Cayman Blue Iguana

$720.00  /  0.01643 Ƀ
  • Cyclura lewisi
  • 2018 Captive Bred Yearling
  • Approximately 16 Inches From Head To Tail
  • This Is An Extremely Smart Species That Makes For An Awesome Pet
  • These Gain Color As They Grow Coming Into Hues Of Blue As Adults
  • Feeding On Vitamin Dusted Vegetables, Fruits, Greens And Iguana Diet

Cayman Brac Iguana

$720.00  /  0.01643 Ƀ
  • Cyclura nubila caymanensis
  • 2018 Yearlings
  • U.S. Captive Bred Right Here At Underground Reptiles
  • Approximately 15 – 16 Inches From Head To Tail
  • This Is An Extremely Smart Species That Makes For An Awesome Pet
  • Not Commonly Seen, Now Available To You As Part Of Our Own Home Grown Pristine Stock
  • Voracious Herbivores Feeding On An Array Of Mixed Veggies And Fruits

Miami Blue Iguana

$350.00  /  0.00799 Ƀ
This Florida Native Is About 36 Inches In Length.

Caramel leopard tortoise

$329.00$399.00  /  0.00751 Ƀ
Caramel leopard tortoise– We have some fantastic captive bred caramel colored leopard tortoise for sale.  The caramel colored pardalis Babcocki

Albino Red Ear Slider

$275.00$1,945.00  /  0.00628 Ƀ
Albino Red Eared Sliders are one of the most striking of all turtles to keep. One in a million, their

Senegal Flap Shell Turtle for sale (Cyclanorbis senegalensis)

$299.00  /  0.00682 Ƀ
Senegal Flap Shell Turtle for sale (Cyclanorbis senegalensis) We have some CAPTIVE BRED Senegal Flap Shell Turtles available. These Senegal

Spotted Turtle

$175.00$675.00  /  0.00399 Ƀ
Spotted Turtle is one of the smallest species of semi-aquatic turtle to be kept as a pet. They are found

Snow Red Ear Slider

$540.00  /  0.01232 Ƀ
Snow Red Ear Slider, We have some gorgeous captive bred Snow  Red Ear Slider Turtles. These are psplit scute, or

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